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Dive-Tech Underwater and Marine Services and Capabilities
Intake Structure Maintenance
DTI has been involved in the maintenance, repair, and modifications of intake structures to water-borne facilities since the early 1980's. DTI is experienced in all aspects of intake structure repairs.
Utility Locating
Since the inception of the company in 1980, DTI has provided high quality, low cost underwater utility locating. Through experience, training, and improved technology, DTI has continued to improve efficiency while minimizing the impact to the environment.
Welding and Cutting
DTI has been providing high quality underwater welding and cutting services throughout the southeastern United States and the Caribbean for over twenty five years. Underwater cutting is accomplished by using an ultrathermic oxygen cutting torch and consumable rods.
Maintenance Dredging
Dive-Tech International, Inc. has been specializing in the maintenance of water based facilities for almost 25 years and has developed a variety of removal methods that save time and money, and have minimal impact on plant operations.
Diving Capabilities
Inspection and repair of water intake and discharge structures, pier, pile, bulkhead, potable water tanks, pipelines, cables and sub structure bridge's. Nuclear water diving, utility locating, marine construction and salvage, and much more.
Underwater Inspection
The DTI staff has an expert knowledge of every facet of underwater inspection including visual and video inspection, non-destructive testing, ultrasonic testing, coatings inspection, and R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Inspections.
Contaminated Diving
As a full service diving contractor, Dive-Tech International, Inc. has the capabilities to perform diving services in any condition the project requires. Such services have included potable water, contaminated water, and nuclear contaminated water.
Dive-Tech Services at a Glance
Maintenance Dredging
DTI has been specializing in the maintenance of water based facilities for almost 25 years. More...
Welding and Cutting
From installing cathodic protection to welding a patch on a sheet pile wall, DTI is sure to have a solution to your wet welding needs. More...
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Dive-Tech, a top 10 US and Canada underwater welding employer. More...
Improving Water Quality
Getting wet is the only way to get to the bottom of the job. More...
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