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Maintenance Dredging, Removal and Disposal Services
In order to maintain efficient operation of a facility, debris and sediment must be removed from the intake flumes, the fore-bays, the pump rooms, and other areas.

Dive-Tech International, Inc. has been specializing in the maintenance of water based facilities for almost 25 years and has developed a variety of removal methods that save time and money, and have minimal impact on plant operations.

DTI will develop the most cost effective solution for any dredging need. DTI can suggest a system of material containment and disposal that meets your specific requirements. DTI follows all regulations of environmental concern.

Dredging Process:
#1 Collection
#2 Setting
#3 Filtering
#4 Draining
#5 Return Water
Dredging Step 1 Collection
Dredging Step 2 Setting
Dredging Step 3 Filtering
Dredging Step 4 Drain After Filter
Dredging Step 5 Return Water

Hydraulic Dredging:
For difficult to access and environmentally sensitive areas, Hydraulic Dredging is the solution. To assist in meeting EPA water quality standards, phase separation tanks are used and biodegradeable hydraulic oil is used in all hydraulic equipment.

DTI On The Job:
Diver exiting the water after a dredging project.
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