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Underwater Utility Locating Services
Since the inception of the company in 1980, Dive-Tech International, Inc. has provided high quality, low cost underwater utility locating. Through experience, training, and improved technology, DTI has continued to improve efficiency while minimizing the impact to the environment. Power, telecomm, gas, sewer, and water can all be physically or tone located.

DTI continues to keep at the forefront of locating technology, with the use of underwater radio-detection equipment, a tool which can dramatically save time and money by improving the efficiency of the locate.

As bridges and roadways continue to be a vital part of society, any construction company, telecommunications company, or a company facilitating underwater cables, knows that it is becoming more critical that the exact location of the underwater utilities are known.

From simply tying a buoy to a small fiber optic cable, to providing a plan view of the utility with elevations and coordinates, DTI will determine the most cost effective solution to any locating needs.

DTI On The Job:
Dive-Tech International, Inc. utilizes both the RD400 & RD4000 Pipeline and Cable locating equipment with an underwater double depth antenna.
Diver enters the water with double depth antenna to locate the utility.
To identify the location of the utility, the dive team installs buoys along the path of the utility.
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